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Dear Anick, I am writing you this letter because I just wanted to say thank you for being an AMAZING Reiki teacher!! You are super funny yet extremely dedicated to helping other people. I have never ever ever met someone that knows so much about life like you! You speak with so much wisdom and you radiate so much positive energy which I admire. I’ve never once heard you speak with a negative mindset, or be ungrateful for anything you have. You inspire me so much and I’m so glad i chose you to be my Reiki teacher. Thanks for always making me laugh and feel appreciated. I hope you have a great day! Xo

Roger Armstrong

Anick Gervais is one of the greatest, most heartfelt, inspiring, intelligent woman I know. I have been to quite a few of her workshops now and they are increadible. She inspires many people, not only in her home town of Greater Sudbury, but people thoughout all of Ontario. The person she has become because of her difficult childhood helps inspire and motivate people, and let’s them see that anything is possible, that you can be whoever you want to be, and that the key is positivity. She has taught myself and many others a lot about not only life but many other aspects. All in all she is an amazing person, with a huge heart, and she would make the most amazing life coach.

Emilie Castilloux

Okay, I think it’s pretty clear that if you know of Anick at all that the first word to pop into your head when you hear her name is “positivity”. Positivity is what Anick is all about. I know, from personal experience, that she would be an incredible life coach! For about 6 months I was like really depressed and I was on and off hurting myself, which I knew wasn’t good at all, but I kept doing it. I mean, I would get better and better on my own but then come crashing back down when something went wrong. When I first seen Anick on big brother I was automatically attracted to her positive vibes and attitude. That’s what helped me. It was her advocacy of self-love that really helped me over-come depression and her way of making you feel like even if you have bad days it’s okay because YOU are still the one with the ability to turn that around with changing your mindset. From her I started reading all these amazing, self-loving quotes. So every morning I would wake up and instead of thinking “oh, great, another day I have to deal with” I started thinking “oh, GREAT!! Another day I get to experience”. The days became something to look forward to rather than something to dread. And that’s because that is the power of Anick. It’s honestly not hard to find people who preach and preach positivity but it’s so rare to find someone who’s able to not only preach, but help you put into practice, these positive changes. I definitely owe a huge thank you to Anick for being a main reason behind why I am clean of self-harm 300 days today, and why I am just such an overall happier person. Anyone who has Anick in their mind and hearts as their own personal life-coach are extremely lucky and I am so happy to be one of them.

Robin Dawe

Anick has one of the biggest heart I have ever met in my life and I haven’t met her just yet in person but attending her Reiki classes online and talking to her through social media this past while has made a huge impact on my life in a very positive way I am not a very popular person and by not very I mean not at all but Anick showed me through her life coaching that it’s ok to be weird and crazy and embrace the fact that its ok for me to be unique she has been a huge role model not just for me but for a lot of other people ever since she was Big Brother Canada I seriously don’t know what I would be doing with my life right now if I didn’t know that this perfect human ever existed spreading her love revaluation everywhere everytime I read anicks posts on facebook or any social media site she just spreads happiness and love and postive vibes and I think people need that in there life Anick is a leader and I need her to continue being a life coach and for her to get her business started their is no one else more qualified and more passionate in this entire planet who would be better to be a life coach Anick was born into this universe with one purpose  to spread her wisdom and words and uniqueness and  all her happiness and love and to share it with other people who need her coaching skills and trust me she already has.

Martina Testaverde

During the past year I have gotten the chance to talk to her and I am so great-full for her help. I have gone to her advice and she has helped me a lot. She has also helped me have an overall better outlook on life. I had the honour of taking her online reiki class and I loved it. One of the biggest things I have learned from her is to F.L.Y. (First love yourself). Whenever I feel like my self esteem is low I try to remember this acronym and to do affirmations, which I also learned from Anick. In fact, I bought wooden letters that spell out fly and put them up in my room. She has also inspired me to be more positive. I honestly consider her one of my role models and I look up to her a lot. All in all, I believe that Anick would be an awesome life coach because she has inspired me greatly and I know she can inspire others too.

Alyssa Rizzotto

Anick has always been enlightened,intellectual,inspiring and entertaining! I think she would be an asset to any program and anyone seeking her guidance!

Rosey Martin

Coral Springs,Florida

Anick has been such an inspiration in my life, from wanting to be as beautiful, charming, and powerful as she is.. to becoming the strong woman i am today. so thankful for my success in becoming a reiki master, soon to be star scentsy consultant, and gaining an AWESOME mentor.. when i talk about you, i always say “its an annik thing” hoping to be just as confidant as you are someday! xo

i know thats more then a sentence… choose the one you like best, or try to put it all in one lol idk.. but this is how youve touched my life, and i am forever grateful for you!

on another note, im so happy you and my mom became friends, ive never believed in “people come in to your life for a reason” as much as i do today, and of course you thought me that wink emoticon

Annik Charron

Anick, You are truly a beautiful person inside and out! You have inspired me and helped me in so many different ways! You have changed my life for the better. I see life in a different way, thanks to you!

I am so happy to have met you and to have you part of my life, now and forever! Love you xoxox thank you for being you. Xoxo

Line Perreault