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Anick Gervais is skilled and passionate about public sharing. Through her workshops and public speaking engagements, she has a unique ability to connect with her audience to deliver important messages on mental health, bullying, loving yourself and more.

Her energetic, funny and enthusiastic delivery has a way of capturing the attention of her audience. Anick is truly one of the “crazy ones” and believes she can propel change through laughter and an open heart.

“I use my own personal struggles and share real life success stories,” Anick explained. “I make people laugh and keep them entertained and focused on my message.”

Anick is known for her many TV and speaking appearances including Big Brother Canada, Entertainment Tonight and workshops with various school boards in Sudbury, Ontario and beyond. She has channelled her background in communications, love for the stage, and infectious personality into helping youth and people of all ages who struggle with coping and maintaining a positive outlook on life.

As a youth, Anick struggled with depression and the feeling of being very alone in a big world. It was not until she accessed help, that she realized that she was far from alone with these feelings.

As an adult, it became her mission to pay that help forward. She believes that through opening a dialogue about mental health, she can help daylight that these teens are not alone – creating a powerful platform for change.

“My calling is to share the message of hope and love and that what does kill us makes us stronger,” Anick said. “So many people helped me on my journey I feel the need to pay it forward. If it wasn’t for my community or people who helped me, I wouldn’t be here.”

Anick, now 30, is a communications graduate of Algonquin College and Toastmaster. She has been an entrepreneur and sales professional for the past 12 years, working in various fields. In her current role with Scentsy, she was been nominated for the “Shinning Start” award (only 5 people are nominated) out of 120,000 consultants each year. Anick was asked to be on the board of advisors (13 out of 120,000) after being with the company for a little over a year. Anick’s devotion and creative work ethic helped her move up 7 ranks in as little as 16 months. Anick looks forward to teaching others with the tools she’s acquired. She has successfully moved her group from 1 to 365 in 20 months.

Anickdotes is a platform to share the story of connecting with others and creating a dialogue about the #LoveRevolution. Her workshops focus on caring for one another and using love to build each other back up – instead of tearing each other down. As she states, “It’s all about LOVE.”

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