Create the life you are meant to live by putting your goals, aspirations on paper.


What is bullying and how to help eliminate it.  Be the solution.


Get stronger, look forward, and build yourself back up!  Find your inner strength.


Love what you do!  Working towards mental health and prosperity at work.


First Love Yourself!  If you can’t love your self, how can we expect everyone else too.


Go ahead…reject me!  How to learn from and grow when faced with rejection.

  • Anick is an amazing individual who makes a HUGE difference in her community and in many people’s lives. She is a true leader and humanitarian!

    Madeleine Vachon Sauve
  • Anick Gervais is a strong and confident young woman, who by sharing her life adversities, creates a cradle of personal growth for the youth of our community!

    Charmaine Kennedy
  • Anick is such an inspirational person that moves positivity through people who haven’t even met her yet!! She gives off such an energy that people see and can bring to themselves!

    Jes Martel
  • Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go

    Carressa Edwards
  • Makes living a positive life possible for anyone.

    Amanda St. Amand
  • No matter how negative or upsetting the situation is Anick can turn in around and bring it back to positivity.

    Kelly Charmicheal
  • Brave enough to be yourself and OWN IT!

    Julianne Foisy
  • Beautiful, Motivating, Upbeat, and truly Inspiring

    Sheri Lehto
  • Anick is a committed, positive, professional, and inspirational person.

    Colette Green
  • Anick Gervais – Is Inspiring the world with unconditional love

    Chaad Youngg
  • Bubbly, funny, sweet, caring and honest, Anick Gervais is positively the MOST inspiring person I’ve had the honour of coming to know.

    Cathy Richards
  • Anick, u are a true inspiration to anyone who has had the pleasure to be a part of ur life!!

    Lisa Martin

Who is Anick Gervais?

Anick Gervais is skilled and passionate about public sharing. Through her workshops and public speaking engagements, she has a unique ability to connect with her audience to deliver important messages on mental health, bullying, loving yourself and more.

Her energetic, funny and enthusiastic delivery has a way of capturing the attention of her audience. Anick is truly one of the “crazy ones” and believes she can propel change through laughter and an open heart.

“I use my own personal struggles and share real life success stories,” Anick explained. “I make people laugh and keep them entertained and focused on my message.”


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